Wood on Wood

When I was a child, two of my favourite books were The Faraway Tree and Puff the Magic Dragon.  The characters up that tree kept me spellbound for many a long hour.


So I guess it's no surprise that one of my favourite classes at school was woodwork, (I even came 2nd once) and now I mount or print my images onto beautiful hardwoods and pine.


Trees naturally make a good subject and I like the idea of the circle of life, the image of a tree ending up back on wood.  Of course I can't match the wood of the tree image to the actual wood it ends up on but well, you know, the idea is a nice one anyhow!


To add to the theme, at the end of last year I experimented with mounting my images onto circular wood blocks and with quite a bit of practice, they turned out rather well.  As January is traditionally a quiet time of year for me, I've been out seeking more beautiful winter tree shapes to add to the MyriadLifePhoto collection ready  for when show season starts again.


If you see a car parked up a muddy bank and a mad woman pointing her camera off into the distance, well that could be me!  Especially if you can only see my backside in the air as my head is trapped in the midst of a thorny hedge.


The picture you can see at the top has a story attached (of course.)  Last year I spotted a tree off in the distance and happily found a small layby to park up, not more than a few miles from where I live.  As it was a very cold day and light failing fast, I clambered into the passenger seat and opened the window to get a good but warm view.  After a while I spotted white van pull into the layby behind me.  Mindful of my safety I rapidly hopped (or rather clambered ungainly) back into the driver's seat ready to take off when there was a loud knock on my window.)  "You alright in there?"


I stared up into the concerned face of a man who lives up the street from me.  He had spotted that it was my car and been worried I might have been taken ill or broken down.  We were both relieved: me that he wasn't a mad axe murderer and him that he didn't have to change a wheel or apply first aid.  How kind though, to take the trouble to check.  I didn't know him that well but things like that restore your faith in human nature.


Anyway, I digress, the point is I'm looking forward to growing my tree collection again this year so keep an eye on the website for further additions and for details of exhibitions and shows you can see my work at in real time.  If you love trees as much as I do, you might be tempted to get one for your wall! 


See the current tree collection by clicking here.


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