Whizzing Off

I only get to say it once a year... next week I'm whizzing off to Whissonsett in Norfolk for their annual Christmas Fair and even better it falls on November the 5th so not only will there be whizzes but bangs too!  Hopefully the bangs won't be from my display boards falling over..


I met the lovely lady who organizes this event a couple of years ago at Fakenham Maker's Market, she subsequently attended a little exhibition I had at Coastal Life in Holt (New St) and later invited me to show my images at Whissonsett Christmas Fair last year.  


Whissonsett is a charming little village that lies betwixt Fakenham and Dereham and the fair is held in the village hall.  That day is unforgettable because as we were setting up there was a power cut so a lot of the display was guess work for a while!  


It's such fun attending little fairs like this because not only are all the village folk friendly, usually there is someone who makes tasty cakes... There is nothing quite like British village life where everyone knows everyone and the vicar is quite often somehow a little eccentric.. not that I'm saying theirs is of course.


So anyway, just in case you are in the area, pop in and enjoy a truly fun event.  Hopefully the lights will stay on this year!