Snow is on the way...

It feels like forever since I last photographed snow.  It was in fact around four years ago.  For three years in succession we had a lot of snow here in Norfolk (well for us.)  


Outside my back door was a winter wonderland and however you feel about snow, the beautiful landscapes it creates cannot be denied.  It's a photographer's dream.   


We are lucky where we live because a short walk away the scenery is pretty on a normal day but in snow it truly becomes Narnia.  There is a stream, lots of trees and fields and that's all that is needed to draw me out with my camera.


But you don't necessarily have to live near fields, streams and trees; snow transforms the city, the coast, and whereever it touches.  As does ice, I woke up one morning to find the most incredible ice fern pattern on my car window.  I half expected to see the fairies who had left it there flying around my head it was so stunning.  I stared and stared in disbelief because in all my days, I'd never seen this happen before... 

Winter can be a depressing time with grey skies and dark days and I certainly crave and savour any blue sky  at this time of year.  Crispy white snow against a backdrop of deep blue sky is so magical.  I usually end up outside for far too long totally absorbed in capturing these amazing transitional moments.


So I'm pretty much hoping that the weather forecast will leave us with some prettiness this winter.  If I can order just enough to photograph and not too much to create pandemonium on the roads, that would be perfect.  Ha, how we can wish!