Seals of the Norfolk Coast

Seals are quite simply wonderful to observe and to photograph.  They seem to be just as fascinated by us as we are by them.


The Norfolk coast plays host to vast colonies of seals; tourists (and locals) catch boats out to Blakeney Point to gaze upon them in admiration and they gaze back with open curiousity and I swear they pose for photographs!


I did suggest to a little girl at one of the shows I do that it wouldn't surprise me if one day they didn't catch a boat to come and observe us.


The seal in the top right corner of this page was to be found lounging alone on Blakeney Quay last December.  At first I was worried she may be in distress but after a while it became pretty obvious from the casual yawning and rolling around that she was just enjoying some 'me time.'  I guess it can become a little wearisome being part of a colony and there comes the odd day when you need a little space.


Having said that, a fair amount of soaking up the limelight seemed to be enjoyed as a little group gathered to ponder whether she ought to be there.  I believe someone had already called the Trust to check that it would be normal for her to be there.


I say 'her' but I have no idea how to tell the sex of a seal, it's something I ought to find out but I am guessing it may be possible to go by the size and shape of the head?


It is important when photographing or approaching seals to not get too close.  They may appear friendly and even appear to be smiling but it must be remembered that they are wildlife and need to be treated with respect and caution, especially when there may be seal pups who need to be protected by their parents.


It is an honour to photography such beautiful and amazing creatures but I always use a long lens so they can carry on lounging in peace!


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