Our Fine City

This could be a very long blog post if I started to tell you all the things I love about Norwich... I've lived here nearly thirty years now and have never fallen out of love with the place, not even once, so that should tell you something!


I am a Gemini, therefore my mind is constantly distracted, juggling ideas, needing new inspiration and entertainment.  Norwich and Norfolk have consistently provided that throughout my years as an inhabitant.  


With so many people moving here these days, having finally worked out what a beautiful and special place it is to live, perhaps I shouldn't be writing this.  There are times when I want to hug this beautiful county all to myself but mostly I want to boast about it and share its joys with others.


The easiest way to do this is through my photography and photo art.  Rather than write long wordy descriptions, just look at the landmarks, the streets, the countryside and coastline and then you'll see immediately what an alluring and enduringly magical place this is to be.


If you happen to be in Norwich on Friday 18th November, come and see my images at Studio 20 in Wensum Street, Norwich because following on from my pop up Expo last month, I'm having another little one day pop up shop in time for Christmas gift buying.


You'll find me there from 10.30am to 4.30pm so don't be shy, please pop in to say hello!