My love for my Lumix

My love for my Lumix..


In my last blog post I spoke about my Canon Eos70D which is my main camera.  Aside from my business photography, I enjoy street photography and I wanted a camera that was more discreet and easier to carry unobtrusively.


Just because you are on a low budget it doesn't mean you can't get a good little camera to indulge yourself.  I looked around for a while then saw some good reviews for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70 as a pocket size travel camera.  The thing that attracted me most was the zoom (12mp 30x optical zoom with Leica vario lens,) and the fact that it shoots RAW.


Now some photographers might say that for good street photography you need to get up close and personal and that using a long lens is cheating but as far as I'm concerned that's codswallop.  You should do what you are comfortable with and it's not necessary (or even wise) to be instrusive, that's my philosophy.  I could go on buy I'll save my meanderings on street photography blog for another time. 


Back to the Lumix TZ70.  When you've been using a large digital camera for a while, it feels kind of odd to have this light little box in your hand but it's so much more discreet and transportable.  Now I can go out anywhere and have a great camera with me with great zoom capability, and even better with this one, you can shoot RAW which means you can adjust the finished result.


The problem I do have is keeping my hand still when using it because of its lightness, but that's all.  Ok the sharpness may not always be as hot as I can achieve with the Eos70 but what do you want for around £200?  I think the Lumix TZ70 is brilliant for the money.  I'm sure there might be better pocket size cameras out there but I'd become so obsessed with getting this one I didn't get too extensive with my research.  Do yours, and see what you come up with.


As a bonus, I've found that if I keep my Lumix TZ70 with me at all times, it's great for when I'm out tree spotting (or anything else for that matter.)  I don't always want to go on a long walk with my Eos70 and as the Lumix slips nicely into a pocket or if I want to loop the case onto my belt I can do, it's always with me.


The images I take are often good enough for my business photography too.


I bought the Lumix TZ70 at the Photography Show 2017 so I've had it almost a year now and enjoyed many great images along the way.



Tree silhouette with colourful sky taken with Panasonic Lumix TZ70