My Camera

Blakeney Norfolk UK

What camera do I use?

A few years ago I was taking a lot of pictures of polo and wanted a camera that would be good for shooting sports photography.  I already had a Canon, loved it, and was happy to continue with the system so after some research chose the Eos 70D.


Over the years the 70D has worked well whatever I've chosen to photograph: landscapes, sports, portraits and my guilty pleasure... street photography (not that I feel guilty about that at all!)


It's not a full format camera but I can print up to A2 size and that has suited my business well.  It's not as expensive as the full format cameras so that's a plus but has endless features, and I think, it's easy to use.  You can make life complicated or keep it simple. I choose to keep it simple and experiment with features as and when I need them.  If you are tech savvy I am sure you will love this camera as much as someone who likes to learn as they go along.


Even now I am still experimenting with the 70D and continuing to love the results.


Most serious photographers seem to choose either Nikon or Canon and in the end it's up to you which system suits you best.  I can only speak for my experiences.

As a business camera it works well for me.  


Keep an eye on my blog for further opinions (because in the end that's all they are.)  We are all different and I can only tell you what works for me but go take a look at the EOS 70D and see what you think.