An alternative to colour..

Cromer Pier, Norfolk

A new addition to MyriadLifePhoto, coming soon..


As much as I love colour photography and photo art, my other great love is black and white photography or mono.  Sometimes black and white tells the story a little differently, more dramatically or more subtly depending on the scene.


Whether it is nature, street photography or general life, black and white is just another aspect to how we see the world.  We perhaps have to use our imaginations a little more or focus more intently.  We live with colour on a daily basis so black and white can provide a kind of relief from that.


Soon I will be offering some of my black and white images for sale via this website but if you want to see more, check out my new Instagram account here and an even newer Facebook page here .  You will be able to connect with me there and let me know what you like.


As always all rights are reserved and these images remain the copyright of MLPA/Sally Lloyd - if you wish to use an image please get in touch for further details using the contact form. 


I hope you will like my black and white collection as much as the colour.  

Thanks for dropping by!