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Just another Norfolk sunset..

So did you see that amazing sunset last night?


This is the kind of question I often get asked by my neighbours, my friends and on occasion my family too.


Actually, no.


Oh?  I thought you would be out there with your camera capturing that!


Well guess what, I wasn't.  Guess where I actually was?  I was staring at my computer screen editing images, betwixt and between updating my social media pages and juggling a bit of boring admin in between.  While my neighbour or friend or family member imagined me trekking over the fields snapping away, or jogging down the beach trying to get the best view I was completely oblivious to the stunning skies drenching the earth with their amazing hues.  Unlucky me.


As much as I would love to drop everything and run everytime the Norfolk skies decide to put on a show (which is happily pretty often,) boring old life gets in the way.  


So many people want to turn their hobby into a job imagining that you get to do the thing you love most all the time but unfortunately, when you start selling your work a whole raft of less appealing chores comes along with it.


'Lucky you,' a friend said, when I started selling my photography, 'at least you get to do what you want, not like me, stuck behind a desk all day.'  But in truth, behind a desk is where I often have to spend my day, or at least quite a big proportion of it, staring at a screen, promoting, juggling finances, ordering, book keeping, marketing, booking shows, planning exhibitions and constantly thinking of what to do next to keep the business working well.  Then there is the making of the product.  Yes of course I go out and take pictures and I love every minute of it and while I'm on a glorious Norfolk beach or admiring lovely boats at Blakeney or hunting down interestingly shaped trees, I often think, yeah, this is the life, but then you will find me editing until late into the evening, making my images on wood, researching or back on social media promoting.   These hours aren't 9-5pm by any stretch of the imagination.


Now I am not complaining, not for one moment, but it's always interesting and amusing and sometimes frustrating to learn how people perceive what you do.  People always have this assumption that you must have an easy life because 'you do what you want to do.'  Well no one really has an easy life do they?  I made a choice to do this because it so happens as well as being a photographer, I am a carer and it means I can be flexible about my hours.  I may be able to switch off and take someone shopping, or to the doctor's or do the cleaning but that time gets made up in the evening or very early in the morning.


You will find that many photographers have another job too, as it's not by any stretch of the imagination an easy way to make money.  Being self-employed is great, don't get me wrong but if you think it's easy and you can watch TV anytime you want (well you can but not if you want to earn money) you are quite mistaken!


Anyway, that's enough of me blogging on, I really must go out and take some photos... ;)


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Til next time...