Fascination with Fungi

Woodland Fungi - click on the link for further details.

Soon fungi season will be upon us again.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not wishing the summer away but I love photographing the beautiful mushrooms in our woodlands.  You can almost hear the fairies whisper as you lie upon the damp ground capturing nature's incredible creations.


The variety is astonishing, and all fungi are beautiful in their own way (although some are more beautiful than others.. the leaky smelly one is unlikely to make it onto one of my wood blocks!)  This autumn I will be better informed (I've bought a book to help me identify what I'm looking at.)


I don't think I'll ever be confident enough to choose mushrooms to bring home to consume, not without a real expert alongside me but I look forward to learning more names so that I am not just taking their beauty at face value but learning more about where they grow, how they form and similar species.


As beautiful as they are, many are highly toxic to humans and fortunately the author of my book has put a neat little skull and cross bones next to the images of those that are best left well alone, don't eat, don't even touch in some cases.  I think the leaking white one I mentioned earlier is definitely to be found in this section.


Images of fungi make for beautiful wall art whether you are an ardent mycologist, a fairy fantatist (like me) or someone who simply appreciates the wonders of nature.  


I chose four of my images from last year to mount onto hardwood blocks which are beautiful quality and the perfect base to show off the fungi as they pop out at you on the wall.  You can see the wood sides which make a very attractive addition and the images are finished with a waterproof non-toxic varnish to protect them.  Each block has a brass plated picture ring fitted to the back so you can hang them up or the wood is of sufficient thickness for you to stand on a shelf if you so wish.


The four images complement one another in colour tone so if you want to make a statement place them all together.  They make perfect gifts for anyone who loves fungi or go on... treat yourself!


Keep an eye on the MyriadLifePhotoArt Countryside Section come autumn to see what new fungi images have arrived...


Come and see my fungi images at Norwich Castle Made in Norfolk on Saturday 17th September and at Fakenham Makers Market on Saturday 24th September.  Click on the links for further information.