Fourth Month In

Fourth Month In

I have always been interested in photographing animals, all animals, well except snakes.  Don't get me wrong, I think they are very beautiful creatures but for some reason I have an inherent fear of them.  I tried watching a video on photographing snakes to help get me past the fear but when the snake darted towards the photographer I screamed and realised that even with a screen between us, this really wasn't for me!


No offence snake owners, I get the attraction you might have but I'm better off with creatures I enjoy being near.


I have previously photographed horses and foals. Foals are fun, they are either very curious and it's a challenge to distract their desire from nosing the camera or finding a way to make them less nervous. I have a deep love of horses, in fact my Chinese Horoscope is Horse. I used to ride but I am more nervous of possible injury these days, especially now I have responsibilities, but one day.. I will ride again. 


Pigs are another fun animal to photograph, especially the ever cute piglets. Check out my piglet ear high five!


My love of photography has never limited me to just one genre.  I love landscapes as well as street photography.  Photography is about everyday life and what we see and what we love are very much a part of that.  What we see everyday is what makes up our life and that is indicated very much the popularity of photography in social media.  I totally get it that people want to share what they see. I want to see it!  I spend far too much time gazing at photographs, whether they are taken using a phone or DSLR and whatever they are of, I am hungry to see the world and everyone's view of it. 


And pets are very much a part of our everyday life and loves. So this month I have started offering pet photography.  The sweet and lovely Chihuahua you see in the image above was one of my first models together with a rather beautiful Siamese cat so I have have started well. Both were super models so I know I have been spoilt already and that there are many challenges to come but I am so excited to meet them and hopefully produce images their owners can treasure forever. 

If you'd like to find out more about my pet photography please visit the link below or click to view the home page.  Please don't forget to share with friends you think might be interested. 




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