Fifth Month In

So this is the merry month of May, and merry it has been already although we are barely half way through. 

My new pet photography business has brought forth some wonderful and interesting animals to photograph including the fabulous African Grey parrot you see in the image above.  


This week I will be photographing a cute Siamese kitten who is growing at such a rate of knots I had better be quick.  He will be a challenge I know but that is the fun of pet photography.  I give plenty of time to allow the animal to get used to my presence and camera and to study their character and expressions thus creating an image the humans who love them can enjoy forever.  


It's a good thing I am flexible as I find myself crawling around the floor, rolling around and twisting into positions to catch that perfect moment!


I am also working on using digital art with pet imagery and text to create graphics you might like to use for greeting cards or post cards to send to your family and friends. If you book a pet photography session ask me about it. 

Please pop in and like my new Facebook page MyriadPetPhotography which is up and running at last.  It's a great place to see more of what I do and decide if I might be the pet photographer for you!  

You can also follow me on Instagram as MyriadPetPhotos


In other news, what a win for Norwich City!  I've followed them throughout the season as I do every year and am thrilled to see them end up back in the Premiership and even more so as champions.  Onwards and truly upwards. 

This is an early month blog and brief so I will add another one by the end of May and who knows what will have happed by then.