The Beautiful Beast from the East

Snow Swan

The Beautiful Beast from the East


Us photographers have been waiting a very long time pining for snow; around five years.  The last time I gorged on Narnia like scenes, trudged miles knee deep in snow, and nearly froze my nose off trying to capture scenes I might never get to see again.


Snow is like marmite, people either seem to love it or hate it and I am firmly in the 'love it' camp.  


As a photographer, what's not to like? Sparkling winter countryside, stunning light, deep blue skies to set it off (if we are lucky.) Snow adds a completely different dimension to the landscape, transforming it into scapes that make us feel we've been transported to another country entirely.


I trudged down to Whitlingham Country park on Wednesday, relishing the crunch beneath my boots, marvelling at folk skiing down the lane towards the (not so dry right now) Norwich ski school.  One was casually checking his phone as he skied, so cool.


By the time I reached the broad, not a soul was in sight, the wind tipped at around -10 degrees and I numbed my fingers capturing this swan sitting bemused at the wintry blast ruffling its feathers.  


Earlier as I'd taken pictures of St Andrew's church in Trowse, the sky had large  patches of blue in it, but now as I made my way back up the lane, the sky turned white and the wind truly Siberian.


The 'Beast from the East' brought beauty as well as disruption with it and I hope it will be remembered for both.  We are never geared up for this kind of weather but we need to appreciate it as much as fear it as it casts a whole different perspective on the familiar scenes around us and as a photographer I truly welcome that.


If you'd like to see more of my snow pictures please head to Photo4me where they are available as canvas or acrylic prints.


I use a Lumix TZ70 and a Canon EOS70D to create my images.